06.28.2011 - Another Chicken and Plenty of Eggs

About a month ago we picked up another chicken since we weren't really sure Cupcake was going to make it; or if she did, that she'd be able to lay. So we grabbed another chicken, a Barred Rock, and named her Betsy.

We have been averaging two eggs a day for about a month and a half now. We have plenty to eat and give away. Unless we start baking then we usually use them all... It is nice to know we're not producing demand for factory chickens and even offsetting our friends and families need.

05.07.2011 - Our First Egg!

This morning when feeding the chickens we noticed Gerty was acting a bit agitated. Rosemary pegged the sounds as laying noises. A few hours of running around looking for a nesting spot Gerty finally dropped her egg in a big hole she dug behind the bath tub. She had been in the nesting boxes and it looked as if she had tried to organize them a bit, but something wasn't quite right apparently. Either way, we have an egg! It looks to be an extra large egg with a brown tint.

05.02.2011 - Rooster Swap

After a bit of a search we located some supposedly laying hens. The season for buying chickens is over and the harsh winter created limited availability so it made finding some difficult. We took the roosters back to their origin farm and found some replacements nearby.

  • Spotted Araucana - Gertrude (aka Gerty)
  • White Ameraucana - Snowball
04.28.2011 - The Crow

The good news is that the current four chickens are doing fine; well Cupcake still has the sniffles but seems to be perky none-the-less. However, the day after our return from vacation, while showing some friends the chickens... Cookie crowed!

Now I think we've been in a bit of denial, I certainly have, about Knuckles and to some extent Cookie. Obviously the crow stopped that. Dallas does not allow roosters and being that as their _only_ stipulation I feel it is worth obliging. So here are the final images of Knuckles and Cookie before they are returned to their home farm.

03.30.2011 - Obituary

Shortly after the below photos Shadow contracted whatever virus has been plaguing our flock. Given her young age we did not have much hope, but we put her in isolation and coddled her for a few weeks. Unfortunately this was not enough as she has perished.

03.19.2011 - New Plumbing

We've installed a new chicken bathtub, and 20 minutes after installation the results are pictured below. We had a tub in there before but it only accommodated two chickens at best. Also it wasn't deep enough to house much sand or prevent the chickens from tossing it out. Not a week after that was in place the sand was nearly gone. The new tub apparently holds all five chickens and resists spillage much better.

02.11.2011 - Let's Try this Again

We've acquired some more chickens in order to complete the flock we originally set out to have. We were aiming for four at first, but settled on five. Here are the new members:

  • Black Austrolorp - Shadow
  • Rhode Island Red - Hilary
  • Black & White Ameraucana - Cookie

Also pictured is Knuckles and Cupcake's current state of being. They have become quite comfortable with the coop. Knuckles is actually developing some "buff" (tan in chicken speak) lacing around her neck feathers. Perhaps not as much of a pure Austrolorp as we thought!

02.11.2011 - Seriously...

Gretchen has also passed away. Wasn't seeing much improvement so I guess this was not much of a surprise.

02.07.2011 - Another, Sad Day

Buttercup died. I'm not really sure why, very surprising.

01.28.2011 - Coop Introduction

Below are some pictures of the chickens being introduced to their coop. This will be their permanent home when it gets warmer. Gretchen is not pictured because she has been ill and is in isolation as she has an infected eye injury. We're trying to keep her eye clean, treating it with neosporin. She is still eating and drinking, but not much else.

01.22.2011 - Then There Were Four

We snagged some replacement chickens when Dan (Polish Farms guy) came to North Haven Gardens.

New members:

  • Black Austrolorp - Knuckles
  • Buff Orpington - Cupcake
01.11.2011 - Sad Day

Unfortunately, our smallest chicks passed away. We think it was due to insufficient warmth as I had swapped the heat lamp out for a space heater which was heating the small room they were in to about 85°F. I think the chicks wanted 95°F :(


  • Australorp - Cluckles
  • Silkie - Sweetpea
01.08.2011 - In the Beginning

We brought the following four chickens home after traveling to Polish Farms located in Terrell, TX.

  • Buff Orpington - Buttercup
  • Blue Ameraucana - Gretchen
  • Australorp - Cluckles
  • Silkie - Sweetpea