Self-Organizing Game Nights

Welcome to the system that assists those lucky few invitees who participate in evenings filled with board games, pizza, and beer. Since we are all a bunch of hooligans, and have "other" things to do, it can be tough picking evenings when enough folks are available. This system should make that easier to do by taking the date picking out of our collective hands.

The idea is that each individual selects the days s/he is available as far into the future as is reasonable for them. Once enough people participate in that exercise, the system will look for days in which there are a minimum number of needed participants. In this instance, at least four people need to be available to have a successful game night. Once found, confirmation emails are sent out; if everyone confirms, then the "event" becomes official. That's the gist of it. The system is being implemented more generally, and there will likely be additions to tweak how events come together, but I think you get the idea.

All you have to do to participate is 1) have the magic word and 2) enter your name and email address to register. I am designing this system in such a way as to collect as little information as possible, and make this a dead simple process. So no password to remember after you register. All confirmation will be done via email.

Player and Host Distribution by Days of the Week
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