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To continue to be a key member of a software development team that strives to create robust applications central to the core competencies of an organization. I aim to identify broad business process interactions that can benefit from the application of technology, with a focus on the creation of long term value for internal and external customers. I am most effective when in a position that provides visibility into the breadth of an organization's goals. I find it imperative to know and personalize these goals to make thoughtful technical decisions aimed at maximizing the needs of stakeholders.

Experience (15+ years)

IBM Cloud - Software Engineer, Individual Contributor

June 2017 - June 2020 (3 years)

Desiring to focus on the more technical aspects of my career, I re-positioned from the team lead to an individual contributor. This provided the change of pace necessary for deeper technical focus in a broad range of existing product and product interaction challenges. I was then able to consistently contribute to the application domains in order to shore up existing behaviors as well as seek to identify new behaviors of concern. In this role I operated independently of the team's day to day, instead operating in a self-sustaining fashion, bringing work items to the lead and management that I thought best contributed to the health of the application and supported products.

An inevitable outcome when being deeply concerned with the success of the products I support is becoming involved in all layers of the business that deliver and represent those products. Without a team to manage, I was able to redirect more energy into engaging teams at every corner of the business to identify product concerns and misunderstandings by either internal stakeholders or customers. I strove to resolve those concerns through authoring internal training and public product documentation, directly resolving problematic application behaviors, or influencing product changes.

SoftLayer/IBM Cloud - Software Engineer Lead

Continued - March 2017 (3 years, 9 months)

Led a team comprising of no more than 10 members focused on network orchestration and network appliance automation. The team contributed to an ecosystem alongside hundreds of other engineers on applications ranging from hundreds to millions of lines of code and markup. Back-end of applications were the primary area of development, but creation of low complexity web interfaces to support their use was included. These applications supported an always-on cloud platform that requires 24/7 availability and operational support.

I managed the daily tasks of each team member, and worked to build team cohesion through long form policy and practice documentation. No particular development ideology was followed. I encouraged continuous discussion as needed from each team member and across team members. Due to the breadth of topics the team supported it was rare that multiple efforts were related to the same goal or domain.

I closely coordinated the team's work with Network Engineers to design and implement network products and product driven network behaviors. Topical areas of work included: layer 2 and 3 network configuration across vendors, denial of service mitigation, load balancer and firewall appliances, and the allocation of related building blocks such as subnets and VLANs.

SoftLayer Technologies, Inc. - Software Engineer III

June 2011 - Continued (2 years)

Jumped into a ~20 person development group during a rapid growth phase. Demand at all corners of the business was high and every person needed to contribute to the design and development of a myriad of internal and external products. During this time I contributed to an array of topical areas including ticketing, bare metal and virtual server assignment scheduling, network resource assignment, financial and operational reporting, job scheduling and execution, ORM and API capabilities, distributed locking and process control, and network operator tooling. I actively engaged in product definition as it was tightly coupled with software engineering priorities and creation of business value (what can be done, by when, and how).

During this time I contributed heavily to SoftLayer's Load Balancer offerings; heavily participating in the introduction of SSL offload and high availability product variants. Additionally, I was a key contributor to the design and development oversight effort which brought Gateway Appliances to SoftLayer's portfolio.

Speed FC, Inc. - Software Architect

Continued - February 2011 (2 years)

There was a mutual desire between the company and I that a focus on technical oversight and planning was more beneficial than personnel management. I transitioned to measurement and analysis of the performance of existing applications and business processes. During this time I made decisions which scaled the e-commerce platform to tens of thousands of sessions per day in order to smoothly address an upward trend to peak usage across multiple client deployments.

In addition to defining application road-maps, I participated in discussing those road-maps directly with customers, and took an active role in incident debriefings.

Warehouse operations saw a major adjustment in the form of floor personnel receiving wearable computers. I designed and boot-strapped the back-end application which controlled the flow of personnel through the warehouse, and also developed the front-end application installed on the wearable computer. This saw me interacting with warehouse operations much more closely, requiring travel to closely coordinate and monitor changes in the applications and floor processes.

Speed FC, Inc. - Software Developer Lead

February 2008 - Continued (1 year)

As the company's growth continued, there was increased need for an evolution of the supporting applications. Their difficultly of extensibility and thus definition of customizable options was being felt. I played a key role in designing and boot-strapping the next phase of the e-commerce and payment processing applications.

I helped define the foundation for the company's new e-commerce store-front application, and set the course and tone for its development with a growing development team, now eight strong. This foundation included unit testing, user interface testing, and end-to-end quality assurance efforts. I advocated for dedicated quality assurance personnel to provide an independent voice for quality measurement and validation.

I designed, initiated and launched a multi-vendor payment processing gateway used as the central processing interface for all clients; whether through their e-commerce or call center sales. The application's goals were to meet PCI level 1 compliance, increase throughput, transaction accounting, and ease of integration, operation, and extension. Once proven, I successfully transferred ownership of operation, maintenance and continued development to other team members.

By the end of this role I was managing the daily responsibilities of a team that had grown to 8 senior and 10 junior software developers.

Speed FC, Inc. - Software Developer

February 2007 - Continued (1 year)

Joined a team of four developers directly reporting to the CEO who was intimately involved with all projects. Helped expand existing software making up a complete vertical e-commerce solution including: online store front, payment processing, order acceptance, warehouse fulfillment, and call-center applications. A primary focus of the time was development of a feature rich e-commerce platform in order to more rapidly on-board customers. It was at this time I endeavored to define such a platform.

Wieck Media - Web Application Developer

June 2005 - February 2007 (1 year, 8 months)

I was hired specifically to assist the company in transitioning their existing web-based press-room and back-office applications to PHP. I was informed the feat had been attempted by three prior applicants. In three months, I was able to reproduce the majority of their application suite consisting of an web-based press release, photography, and video distribution platform, including accompanying image management pipelines and back-office application. Shortly after showcasing that work, we went live with the platform for an awaiting client, Toyota NA.

Within a year of my employment, the company partnered with an Australian firm and the platform was extended to provide a press kit media aggregation site for multiple automotive firms operating in the region. Additionally, the final port of their applications was complete when the email distribution and click tracking application was brought online.

After a year, I petitioned for and hired two peers to assist with continued development and maintenance of the application suite.

Archose Systems, LLC - Founder/CEO

July 2002 - Present (on demand)

I founded Archose officially in 2002, but had been operating a full service web development, custom computer sales, and network installation company for a few years prior. This company showcases my early entrepreneurial drive to provide top-to-bottom IT services for small businesses. The majority of work was early in the company's life, and consisted of small business e-commerce web sites with integrated shopping and payment processing in a time when those features were not readily available. Additionally, I maintained customer computers, built and sold bespoke computers, and brought networking into offices with little to no knowledge of file sharing.

Nortel Networks - Documentation Assistant

March 2000 - December 2000 (9 months)

A high school internship blossomed into a contract position in a technical documentation team for PBX phone systems. I showed an aptitude to for web development and created the team's intranet presence. Additionally, I created vector based illustrations showing the relationships between software and hardware components within PBX systems.


I can provide a number of references upon request, and I encourage review of my LinkedIn recommendations.

May 2006 BBA Information Technology and Operations Management Southern Methodist University GPA 3.4
May 2006 BA Computer Science Southern Methodist University GPA 3.5
  • Languages
    • PHP 4.3+
    • SQL
    • Java 6 †
    • Python 2.7 †
    • Go † ‡
    • JavaScript †
    • C/C++/Objective-C †
    • Rust ‡
  • Software Concepts
    • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
    • Model-View-Controller (MVC)
    • Object Relational Mapping (ORM)
    • Design Patterns
    • Version Control
    • Unit Testing
    • Test Driven Development
    • Database Migrations
    • Fixtures
    • Templates
  • Standards
    • HTTP 1.1
    • XML
    • XSD
    • XSLT
    • XPATH
    • XML-RPC
    • SOAP
    • X/HTML
    • CSS
    • JSON
    • REST
  • Tooling
    • Git
    • Subversion
    • Composer
    • Ansible
    • Vagrant
    • Atlassian Crucible + Fish Eye
    • Atlassian BitBucket/Stash
    • Jenkins
  • Production Ecosystem
    • Apache
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • Oracle 11g
    • SQLite
    • Monit
    • Cacti
    • Bind
    • Memcache
    • Statsd
    • Splunk
    • Grafana
  • Architecture
    • N-tier
    • Horizontal scaling
    • Load balancing: Proxy, DNS, DSR
    • Caching
    • Message Queues
    • Distributed Locking
    • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Networking
    • Mikrotik
    • Cisco (IOS, NXOS)
    • Arista
    • VLAN
    • VRF
    • IP
  • System Operation
    • Linux (Debian flavors mostly)
    • RAID
    • SNMP
    • KVM
    • LXC
    • DRBD
    • iSCSI
  • Industry Compliance
    • PCI
    • OWASP
    • GDPR

† While I've used this language in various situations, I would not pretend to be competent enough with it to boot-strap anything serious. Consider this a passing familiarity.

‡ I desire to learn and use this language in practice.