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Night on the Town December 3, 2006

Tonight Martin let me tag along with him to join Mitch (a Ph.D. student martin works with) to go see a band playing in some Sydney pub. Now I should mention that Martin had brought me along the two previous nights to some nearby pubs where I met both Mitch and Mitch's French acquaintance Elise. The first night out I learned of 'shouting' in which it becomes your turn to by everyone a round of drinks. I started with my usual white whine, but when it was my turn to shout I didn't bother buying myself another drink. This worked out for a bit until I got curious to know what I had just bought everyone. So I took a sip of Martin's beer. It wasn't that bad, so I purchased one for myself. For those of you that know me this will come as a surprise. My first beer.

The other surprise for those who know me is that I was "hanging out"! How could I do it! Well it helps when pretty much everyone around you is from a different country. You end up asking a bunch of silly questions and then bashing everyone for whatever silly thing they do in X country. I can tolerate that :)

So back to the band we are supposed to see in Sydney. This will be the first time I actually step foot in the city. Martin and I hop on the ferry to meet Mitch on the other side. Thirty minutes later we get Mitch, Elise and off we go to the pub. Oops. Mitch got the date wrong and the band he was expecting had played the previous night. So off to another pub we went! They had a pool table and I convinced everyone that a game should commence. A few beers later and a few horrible pool games (I did very badly), we head off to another pub. This time we meet up with more of Mitch's friends slash acquaintances. Whom are all pictured. Alex (grey sweater) invited us all to a X-mas party and I made a note to attend.