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Chateau Kirby December 29, 2006

Warren invited me to his house for new years weekend. So far it's a normal suburban family. I've been enjoying free food and helping Warren on his pool fence, as he is having a pool put in.

I met up with Warren at Luna Park, an old school carnival thing in the middle of Sydney next to the beach. Basically something for ages 4-18.

New years eve we all went for chinese with Sam's family (sister/parents). After which there was a failed attempt to see the Sydney fireworks with a race up a hill, and then to Sam's sisters for the alcohol. Warren mixed up some drinks, one of which I named the "Kirby Derby"; after a few drinks they were all "Kirby Derby's".

Sam got restless and left Warren and I at her sister's playing pool. Short while later we grabbed a beer for the road and... walked home :) Thanks for not unlocking the door Sam.

Watched the cluster of monkeys in the city and the fireworks on TV to ring in the new year. Woo. No I'm really excited. (Passes out)