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Sailing Jan 13, 2007

Martin informed me that I was going to join him for sailing on Johanna's fathers boat. So I did. I was in fear of losing my cookies as the last little boat I was on I did, but I'm beginning to think its the anti-sick medicine making me sick.

The crew consisted of six individuals. One skipper, four capable souls, Martin, and I. I promptly informed everyone that I was just extra weight. Martin hadn't informed the Captain of my coming, but the whole situation was rather informal. My only beef with this was that I was treated like weight. Since this wasn't a "bring your friend and we'll teach him" day, some people were more serious than others. What did they have to be serious about? Oh, perhaps that we were in a race!

So there was a bit of commotion to get the sails up and the ropes in order; I sat around looking pretty. The race began and some other boats threw up their spinnakers and got moving pretty good. We did not use a spinnaker (I won't attempt a discussion as to why).

The rest of the experience was: sit, crawl under swinging sail to other side (tacking), repeat. I didn't loose my cookies and it was a nice experience. Thanks Martin and Johanna's father (for the cake too!). Oh, and we lost [my bad].