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Free Falling Jan 29, 2007

So Paul's daughter was given a gift certificate to sky dive of which she did not utilize before retreating to the United Kingdom for a year. The gift certificate was going to expire before I left, and well before she returned. A discounted price ensued. I was now the owner of said gift certificate. Arrangements were made. These arrangements included Paul waking up at 5AM to get me into Sydney at 6AM so the sky dive bus could then take me/others on an hour long trek to their staging site. [Thanks again Paul]

I did the awesome thing of not getting to sleep until 3:30AM that morning. So as my eyes closed, they were awoken by my alarm telling me Paul is due to arrive. He did, we were off. (15 minutes later) We were off again because I left an important paper at the abode; let's try this again.

There was waiting for the bus, there was waiting for the bus to arrive at the staging area, and because I was the odd man out in the grouping of sky divers, I got to wait until 11:30AM to start preparing for the jump! The group I got paired with was 1.5 hours late! I hadn't eaten or drunk anything at this point running off 2 hours of sleep. I was fu**ed.

Another 45 minutes drive later I was in a place. Holy crap I was tired and sick of being jerked around in a vehicle, and now I'm ascending in a shoddy plane.

We arrived at 7,000 feet and the two tandem jumpers ahead of me rolled out. I must say watching them roll out was very exciting. After they left we continued a new climb. Why you ask? Cause I got the awesome 14,000 foot gift certificate! W00t!

We scootch up to the exit and... woosh... roll... roll... stabilize... fall...

I can't describe the view, do it yourself. On the glide down we did some spins and such, that coupled with my morning made we very uncomfortable. I thought I was going to barf at 2k feet. It subsided, but I went home and slept that off.