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Coast Walk Jan 31, 2007

Elise likes to trek around and hike and such. She asked me if I'd like to join her on the "Bundeena Coast Walk". She offerred the trip to Mitch and I think Martin. It was open to all I'm sure. Thing is, I was the only one that committed. Being that I didn't fly my camping gear over her, I was counting on Martin to loan me his stuff. I never asked him though :) I already gathered he wasn't a fan of doing such things. A night or two before the trip however, he helped Elise and I look over the route and reluctantly trusted us with all his gear. Success! It was all great and I think we returned it in the condition received. Thanks Martin!

The first day we floated over to Circular Quay, jumped on a train or two and ended up at the dock for the ferry to Bundeena. One thing Elise and I noticed right off the first train was the locals actually walked up to us to ask if we needed any help! It was crazy. Before we even thought about asking someone was looking at our map and pointing the way. Kudos the australian population; even if you do whine for your government to breast feed you :P

While waiting for the Bundeena ferry I purchased a sausage roll to munch on while Elise had a cappuccino. I still don't know what I ate, but it was not sausage...(it gave me some fierce gas later)

Again, at Bundeena, the locals saw our packs and if we even turned our heads in contemplation of the direction we needed to be going, someone popped out and pointed the way. We did get a little turned around in a neighborhood, but a burly fellow doing something in his yard gave a target for a question. Question answered.

The first day of hiking was only about 7-8km at which point we reached the lagoon, pitched the tent, and went swimming about the lagoon. It was a fun, relaxing time.

We arose early after a cozy (the tent was 1.5 person :) slumber. This day we had to cover approximately 16.5km to get to our endpoint on time to catch the last train! Off we went.

Walk walk walk. Walk. Walk. Ocean, cliff, rock, bush, repeat. That is the jist of it. Pictures are the only means of which I will convey the scenery. I'm not into extremely liveral use of adjectives. I will not that there was a disturbing amount of rubbish on the beach areas we crossed. Elise and I started picking some up, but we had like 13km more to go and a bucket load of trash with much more in site. We had to cease.

Event #1. Oh crap we tooka wrong turn, we're off the coast walk and on an inland walk. I say we cut right through the jungle until we hit beach (or cliff, Elise leads :). Elise pooped on that idea [FYI: I'm pretty sure Elise would say she never 'poops' on anything]. So we walk back the way we came for about half the trip and Elise thinks she sees where we went wrong. Shortly therafter we find ourself in the thick of the jungle doing exactly as I suggested, but ~30m in the wrong direction later. We got out, but there was much slipping. These are steep hills.

Event #2. We are getting pooped and one thing that is keeping us going is the promise of nice beach up ahead at which we plan to eat lunch. It takes us for freaking ever to get there. Our distance estimation was way off, this beach was basically right next to the end. Catch, there was not official path to it! We ran into a bloke who let us know that there was a way down to the beach, but it was "very tough" and "not well marked". Off we went. 12 orange paint stripes and 9 tied up pieces of cloth later... we ate lunch. We stuck around for about 1.5-2 hours relaxing and swimming about. Sadly only dudes decided to grace us with their nudity.

Shortly after our exit from the beach we reached the end of our destination. Right before that we encountered a short length of fence along the cliff edge. Why is there a fence here? We walked 23km along the cliffs and now there is a fence. Upon the ground lay a placard letting us know someone fell from this point. Sigh.