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Work, Work November 14, 2006

Then came Monday. Got started about 7AM. We had a presentation set for Friday at the Sydney Motorcycle Show with the Public Relations folks. I had two decently sized additions to complete for the presentation. I had plenty of time to do it back in the states, but awesome management slimmed it down to, nada. So I had everything to do when I landed.

So I worked sun up to sun down with a brisk walk about for lunch and dinner. As you can see, I took a shot of a night from my new-found desk. Blarg. I can only hope the entire time I'm not pulling these BS shifts.

By the way, its summer here. So the next shot was of the "Hasn't happened in 100 years" front that rolled in. It did a bit of storming, howling winds, and dropped the temp to 11-13 or something. Basically this was insane, say the locals.

Finished up the work. Went to the Sydney Motorcycle Show and participated in the presentation. It went pretty good, not many of the invitees showed for the main presentation, but throughout the evening others came around for a personal talking to. The show was alright, I slobbered over the BMW bikes. Saw the new F800ST/S; its alright. Not sure if I'll bother with it, it's a bit too sporty.