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Frigin' Beach November 17, 2006

After a bit of discussion, it was decided I didn't need to work the weekend to polish the features up and push them live. So... Beach time! I'll let the pics spell it out. I'll admit I did have a good time with the camera's waterproofness. I got a couple compliments on the camera; mainly people thinking it was cool that I was taking waves with it :) it was really hard to see the view-screen in the super bright sun, so I didn't see whether my shots were successful until I got home.

When I was done getting pounded, I wandered over to Shelly beach and took a couple underwater shots in the calmer waters. After that I paused at the beach volleyball tourney going on, good stuff. When I got home I noticed that I had become quite the farmer.

Below is an accidental movie I made while in the water. It turned out pretty cool! (click on the image to play)