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Snorkel Dorkel November 24, 2006

So I got my hands on some snorkel gear and headed off towards Shelly beach. The plan is to jump over the fence on the walk up to the beach and then swim the rest of the way. It took about 45 minutes to an hour to get to shore; not that I was in a hurry. I think the pictures will speak for themselves, but the coolest animal I ran across was the giant cuttle Fish. That is what they are called. I got a video of the cuttle fish, he was a bit agitated with me. They can change the color and texture of their skin and apparently they make little nubs and go brownish/red when they are irritated. I came to learn this later. I also have some footage of the larger ray swimming away, kinda neat. All in all it was a nice first snorkel session.

When I got back to my stuff there was a British fellow who had been snorkeling as well. We chatted about the fauna and got to talking about his Australian wife how they have lived in England but will hopefully be moving to Australia, etc. Nice fellow, showed him the cuttle fish movie on the camera; he thought it was neat. Cherio chap.