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New Home: 6 Wood St. #5 Manly NSW 2095 November 25, 2006

Time's up! I need to find a new place to live. I gathered some of the local papers per Paul's suggestion and perused them for shared accommodations. I wanted to live with some locals to get the inside scoop on things. After about a week of circling ads I finally starting making calls. Unfortunately it was slow going, few people were answering or the positions were filled. Two days before I needed to move out I was able to get ahold of a young lady named Johonna. I setup an appointment to check out the place. I showed up minutes after the previous resident (a Canadian girl) had been whisked away to the ferry in order to catch a plane. I spoke with Johanna for a while, Nick showed up (Johanna's boyfriend), we ate a mango and I departed. I'd found a new home.

The pictures below were from when I first moved in. I made a large movie as a quick tour of the joint. Johanna and Nick are quite colorful individuals, it was going to be interesting. The key points were that I was with locals, had a bed, and easy access to the beaches. I moved in with two trips from the other apartment.

6 Wood St. Tour

Large 640x480 tour of the new pad.