The Chain Gang - Jail Break 2006 September 22, 2006

Will notified me that I would be attending The Chain Gang's annual Jail Break this year. So Will rolled into Dallas Friday afternoon, we geared up, and off we went. I think it was a 4-5 hour ride to Mena, Arkansas. The get together was in Queen Wilhelmina State Park . We arrived too late to attend the first function of the event which was dinner with the gang. So we made our way to the camp grounds to pitch the tent and call it a night.

We awoke to a bleak scene. The skies were grey, it was cloudy and wet. Everyone slowly woke up and made there way to the lodge at the top of the hill. The lodge is great because it's all buffet style. So yummy comfort food for all!

Everyone milled around and watched the weather as the storm rolled over. The tradition is to all go on an off-road ride so the rain was putting a damper (pun intended) on the situation. Eventually the gang got restless and some people started gathering for the ride and were going to go despite the weather. Will decided to join them and I did as well, however reluctantly. You see my bike is an F650-ST. The ST means street, not a lot off differences between the F650 and F650-ST, but one difference that is a little more profound are the tires. See, I have street tires and everyone in the gang knew it. I was getting some looks when I pulled into formation.

Off we went! We rolled down the street a bit and then turned off into the woods. Wee! The ride was wet and slippery, but oh so fun! It's amazing how confident you become when riding under those conditions. There was one part of the ride that was a freshly graveled incline. We each took turns blasting up it. If you're wondering why we took turns, its for safety. You see if someone takes a spill on the hill and others are following, then everyone would take a spill. Motorcycles don't like to stop on loose ground while ascending; nor do their riders.

I think it was before we had left for the ride, that we were sitting out a nice down pour. When the rain lifted some of us wandered back to our tents. Many folks found their camping situation a bit moist. Our camp site, with my newly purchased camping setup, were nice and dry. Hooray for good purchasing decisions!

My buddy and I had fun, and enjoyed a nice weekend trip on the road. Hopefully we have more adventures.